Information techonology / NTICX

Information techonology / NTICX

Knowledge of reading and writing does not mean you are literate nowadays. These skills still constitute the basis of social life but are not enough nowadays when students have access to a huge amount of information available in internet and need to have the skills to be able to analyze what they read, critically.

The new tech for information communication and connectivity is forefront and foremost in the development and learning of students today.

Riverside School believes that ICTs are strategic tools for learning throughout school life. They fulfill the following objectives:

  • They foster autonomy, responsibility and self-reliance.
  • With the teachers´ assistance, ICTs help students research and select relevant information for personal and school projects.
  • They develop skills in concentration, reasoning and deduction
  • ICTs allow students to show creativity and imagination
  • They enhance skills in team work

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