Complementary Activities


The following activities complement the comprehensive education provided at Riverside School, and allow students to display and enhance their creativity, imagination, team work, and the use of knowledge acquired in other contexts.

  • Art shows
  • Musical festivals
  • Dance performances
  • Plays – musical shows
  • Community events
  • Sporting tours
  • Essay competitions
  • Math competitions
  • Paritcipation in extra-curricular activities proposed by Universities, Junior Achievement and the Argentine Legal System, among others. Some of these activities are :
    • “The Company” which includes founding a company and selling a product that the pupils have to make and advertise,
    • The “United Nations” which recreates a session at the United Nations during which students have to decide on an important international issue,
    • “Justice Goes to School” involves the students going to a court of law where they become judges, attorneys, prosecutors and defense lawyers and hold a trial based on a real case.
    • “Partners for a Day” takes students to a business, legal firm or company related to the career the participants will study when they complete their secondary school,
  • Interschool General Knowledge Competitions
  • Debate Clubs
  • Choir Festivals
  • Band Gathering