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“The Doll’s House Kindergarten” was founded in 1950 by Olive Kember in her home garage on Parana Street in La Lucila.

Riverside School was created in 1991 at the behest of parents and neighbors. Bigger premises were needed as enrolment increased and reached secondary school level. Our high school is oriented in Social Studies and is fully bilingual (Spanish/English) with French as second foreign language.

The Doll´s House Kindergarten and Riverside School merged their educational syllabi and created synergy among all its levels, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary. Nowadays, the school is known as Riverside School, having dropped the name it started with.

Riverside School offers each one of its students a personalized follow up throughout his/her school life and a comprehensive education in a warm environment where every student is considered individually in order to achieve academic excellence, enjoyment and a sense of belonging.

We have an array of activities and students are divided into teams known as “houses” which are: Amazon, Thames and Nile.

Head Students, Prefects and House Captains are responsible students chosen to lead their groups. They represent the ethos of our school and stimulate a sense of belonging to the rest of our student population.

This “great family “offers the students the opportunity to develop their skills and have access to first rate technology and activities which allow them to fulfill our school aim: “learn and enjoy”.

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