Project “Love thy Neighbour”


Our school motto “Love Thy Neighbour” encompasses our beliefs. Values such effort, tolerance, solidarity, respect, justice, community service and integrity are part of our ethos.

All the activities carried out throughout school life aim at educating students who will be responsible, socially committed citizens.

Goya Mission

This project motivates our students to develop leadership qualities, to be in contact with diverse social realities and to become aware that they are capable of modifying what is amiss.

Students meet on a weekly basis and guided by our Counselor design a yearly program of activities and fund raising. Then, once a year, they travel to the city of Goya, in the province of Corrientes, to work in underprivileged schools sponsored by Riverside School.


“Techo” is an NGO active in Latin America and the Caribbean that helps to overcome poverty in slums. Dwellers and young volunteers work side by side.